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Monday 29 October 2012

Welsh Assembly Government Faith Communities Forum Meeting 24/10/2012

Some of the agenda items discussed at this meeting:
  1. Chaplaincy – continued support from the Welsh Government
  2. Nation of Sanctuary – Welsh government backs the bid for Wales to become recognised as a Nation of Sanctuary 
  3. Presentation with regard to the ‘Tackling Poverty Strategy’ – focus on material needs; the Forum raised the point that faith communities can offer support in terms of the spiritual needs of those in poverty; a means of communication with regard to such possible support to be explored
  4. Organ Donation Consultation update – some representative raised concerns over the bill to move towards a opt-out system in Wales; concerns discussed around the wording of the bill seeming to differ from the expressions of its application
  5. Prayers at Council Meetings – is it necessary for the Welsh government to intervene to allow prayers to be on the agenda at Council meetings
The Buddhist Council of Wales is the medium for all Buddhists in Wales to have a voice with the Welsh Assembly Government through its participation in the Faith Community Forum. If any Buddhist, Buddhist group, Buddhist tradition or lineage wish to make any comment or offer an opinion on any of these items, or have a topic that you feel should be raised with the Welsh Assembly Government, please contact the Buddhist Council of Wales – there is a contact form on the website.  

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