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Friday 14 August 2015

Interfaith Council for Wales meeting July 30, 2015

Nor’dzin Pamo, Chair of the Buddhist Council of Wales, attended the Interfaith Council of Wales meeting on July 30, 2015, representing Buddhists in Wales.


1.    Croeso & Myfyrdod Tawel – Welcome & Silent Reflection             
2.    Ymddiheuriadau – Apologies                            
3.    Cofnodion y CCE – Minutes of the last EGM                   
4.    Meri Huws Comisiynydd yr Iaith Gymraeg – Welsh Language Commissioner

5.    Cliff Cohen: Cymorth Mudol – Migrant  Help   
6.    Cyfansoddiad Ddiwygiedig – Revised Constitution                

7.    Addysg Grefyddol – Religious Education                   

8.    Cadw De Cymru'n Diogel – Keep Safe Cymru                     

9.    Er cof – In remembrance: Kathryn Delpak                   

10.  Adroddiadau o’r Rhanbarthau – Regional Reports     

11.  Cyngor Partneriaeth Y Trydydd – Sector Third Sector Partnership Council    
12.  Troseddau Casineb – Hate Crime                       

13.  Wythnos Rhyng-ffydd – Inter-faith Week                   

14.  Myfyrdodau Terfynnol – Final Reflections    

Notes to the agenda:

4: The Welsh Language Commissioner informed the ICW that Welsh had received official status as a UK language in 2011. She observed that the children and grandchildren of non-Welsh speaking Welsh families were now learning the language.  A representative said that Welsh had been assisted in its survival through the Christian bible having been translated into Welsh.

 5: Cliff Cohen, a retired rabbi, is establishing a group of chaplains to attend migrants in initial accommodation centres. The chaplains will be called upon on a rotational basis to give generic pastoral care. Please contact the Buddhist Council of Wales if you would like to know more about this scheme or apply to be a chaplain.

7: A number of representatives expressed concern over a comment by Huw Lewis with regard to religious education in schools. Huw Lewis, Minister for Education and Skills, announced in the Welsh Assembly on July 15th 2015, that Religious Education in schools in Wales was to be replaced by Religion, Philosophy and Ethics as part of the new Humanities area of study in the National Curriculum proposed by the Donaldson Report. 

8: South Wales Police, Learning Disability Services and Mencap Cymru, have jointly developed a Keep Safe Card Scheme for anyone in the South Wales force area with a Learning Disability, or Mental Health and communication need. This is intended to help individuals feel safer, and to assist police when help is needed. For more information: Keep Safe Cymru Card.

9: Kathryn Delpak was a highly respected representative of the Baha’i faith, who died recently.

10: The Gate arts centre in Roath, Cardiff hosts a spirituality meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. The peace mala organisation has a scheme of symbolic peace doves to travel the world.

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