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Thursday 29 September 2016

Organ Donation Wales looking for case studies

The Organ Donation Wales campaign are looking for case studies of people from different faith group communities in Wales who have organ donation stories to tell. They would like to be able to include responses from Buddhists in Wales. Do you have a relevant case study in your Buddhist community? 

Research has shown that BAME communities and some faith group communities have a notoriously low engagement / understanding of the new organ donation system in Wales and the need to opt in or opt out.  As part of their communications activity, Organ Donation Wales wants to find case studies of people of all ages from communities who have:

-       Discussed their organ donation decision with loved ones
-       Been a living donor (of a kidney)
-       Or been a donor recipient of an organ
-       Or have been touched by organ donation / transplant through a loved one or close friend

The purpose is to use the stories to inspire more people across faith communities to make time to talk about their organ donation decision with those closest to them, whether it is to opt in, or opt out, of being an organ donor. 

Organ Donation Wales want to hear your story. They will require a good quality photograph to use with the case study on the campaign website; on social media in November and in local newspapers.

You can find more information about the campaign and examples of case studies here: http://organdonationwales.org

If you would like to be involved in contributing a case study, please contact  Organ Donation Wales.

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