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Wednesday 2 November 2016

Faith Community Forum meeting

Faith Communities Forum Meeting

31 October 2016

Ngakma Nor’dzin attended representing the Buddhist Council of Wales.

Matters arising from the minutes: 

Question of unrepresented Faiths this is an ongoing discussion within the Interfaith Council – will report later

Agenda Item 1: Free movement of people post EU Referendum

Carwyn Jones mentioned 6 principles – 2 of which are that EU citizens can remain; and that we will resist bigotry, racism, the open expression of racist view

Agenda Item 2: Human Rights Act – Discussion

The Human Rights Act is being replaced by a Bill of Rights –
however, as the Human Rights Act came from EU, the Bill of Rights has been parked for now

Agenda Item 3: Hate Crime Statistics - Paul Dear, Head of Equality Team

Paul Dear reported a 72% increase in hate crime reportings post Brexit
it is known that more than half of crimes go unreported
5 characteristics – increase in 4 out of 5
73%   relate to race                             now a 4% increase
15%   relate to sexual orientation      now a 6% increase
5%     relate to religion                        now a  42% increase
10%   relate to disability                     now a 21% increase
1%     relate to trans-gender               now an 8% decrease

Agenda Item 4: Anti-Slavery Wales Presentation and Q&A

Steve Chapman, Welsh Government Anti-Slavery Co-ordinator

This is the only anti-slavery organisation in the UK
awareness of slavery in Wales now
have a modern anti-slavery act in Wales now

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