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Saturday 1 September 2018

Yungdrung Bon: Khemsar Lama Rinpoche Wales visit September 2018

TYBSC Wales announces
Evening Talks, One-to-Ones &
Six Day Non-Residential Teaching, Meditation and Practice Retreat

11th–20th September 2018
Khemsar Lama Rinpoche is one of the few teachers of Yungdrung Bon Buddhism teaching in the West.
He is a non-sectarian liberal teacher who teaches spiritual knowledge rather than dogmatic religion.
Yungdrung Bon Buddhism is the original spiritual tradition of Tibet taught by Buddha Tonpa Shenrab.
His teachings are based on Theg-pa chhen-poi Lam (Mahayana) approach of practising
indiscriminate love and compassion towards all sentient beings

Evening Events
Tuesday 11th September 6.30- 9pm Venue: Welsh Lhakhang, 105 Sway Road, Morriston, Swansea, SA6 6JD and Wednesday 12th September 6.30–9pm Venue: as above. Entry to an evening event is by donation.

Public talk: ‘DZOGCHEN’S VIEW (TAWA) in relation to other views’.

One-to-Ones (must be booked in advance)
Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th and 20th September 10am–5pm One-to-one private consultations with Lama for Spiritual or Health matters (1 hour), or for Loong (transmission) of a teaching (2 hours). Fee: £55 per hour.

Venue: Welsh Lhakhang, Silver Horse, 105 Sway Road, Morriston, Swansea SA6 6JD

Six Day Non-Residential Retreat (book in advance)
Friday 14th September to Wednesday 19th ‘DZOGCHEN" The Great Completion!
Venue: Welsh Lhakhang, Silver Horse, 105 Sway Road, Morriston, Swansea SA6 6JD
Fee: £420, or daily rate £70. Concessions available. Please contact one of the organisers (see below).

Note: The foundation teaching Dzogchen Ngondro is a pre-requisite for first-timers. However, if one attends all the six days, the pre-requisite is not needed as it will be covered during the 6 days.

All bookings/enquiries: Sandrine 07743 160662 sandrineperkins@hotmail.com; Darren 07581 735064 darrenivey74@gmail.com; Jane 07885 319969 jane.estelle@sky.com

More details at www.yungdrungbon.com

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