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Monday 30 May 2011

Regional Interfaith Councils meeting

On May 26th Ngakma Nor'dzin Pamo, Chair of the Buddhist Council of Wales, attended the annual Interfaith Network meeting.  This year the meeting was hosted by the Inter-Faith Council for Wales and held at the South Wales Baptist College in Cardiff.  The meeting was attended by representatives from the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum, the Scottish Inter Faith Council, the Inter-Faith Council for Wales, and the Inter Faith Network for the UK.  The meeting was expertly chaired by Dr Harriet Crabtree, the Director of the Inter Faith Network for the UK.

This gathering is a valuable opportunity for representatives of the various UK interfaith communities to meet and share their experiences.

Ngakma Nor'dzin comments:
It was a long meeting—four and a half hours—but conducted throughout with great courtesy and respect, and with an informal and relaxed atmosphere.  I feel delighted to have made contact with such a dedicated group of people.  It was most interesting to hear of the different approaches and initiatives of the various regional interfaith organisations.  I was particularly moved by hearing of the difficulties experienced by the Inter-Faith Forum in Northern Ireland.

Thursday 26 May 2011

Karmapa Khyenno global practice

The KARMAPA KHYENNO page on Facebook is inviting people to join the global practice on the recitations of Karmapa Khyenno.  For the full text go to the page, but here is an extract.

GKRA (H.H. Gyalwang Karmapa Remembrance Association) invites you to join the global practice on the recitations of Karmapa Khyenno
At the end of last year, in Tegar Monastery, Bodhgaya, in answer to the devoted request of GKRA, H.H. the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje instructed to recite “Karmapa Khyenno” for the annual puja of 2011, he also compassionately composed a dedication verse in order for all participants in this global Dharma practice to dedicate the merit in a perfectly beneficial way!
In order to contribute to the celebration of Karmapa 900, GKRA would like to invite all Dharma friends and all other friends worldwide to join us in this profound puja of recitation practice, so we may contribute to bringing about the greater benefit for HHK’s enlightened activities which will lead to greater benefit for all beings!!  The annual puja of 2011 will initiate in Rumtek Monastery, D.C.C, Sikkim on May 17th, 2011, which is the same date when Buddha attained enlightenment and passed into Nirvana in Saga Dawa in Tibetan Tsurphu Calendar. This Tibetan Calendar has been adapted by Rumtek Monastery since the time of H.H.16th Karmapa. The puja will last for about one month or until at least 100 million times of recitations are accomplished.  There will be a special dedication ceremony for a perfect completion of this profound puja. 
As what has been done for years, we will dedicate all merit of this puja to the long life and well-being of the spiritual leader of Tibet, H.H. Dalai Lama, the genuine masters of all four Tibetan Buddhism lineages, and all holy beings in the world; may they continue to turn the wheel of Dharma. We will also dedicate the merit to world peace, may all beings be free from wars, famines, droughts, and especially the natural calamities caused by human destruction to the nature.  May the timely rain descend so that the farmers and all beings will get the abundant harvest.  May all beings have happy and satisfied lives, and especially, may the harmony and auspiciousness in all sanghas and dharma communities increase and increase!    
We sincerely invite all of you from different parts of the world to join us in this recitation practice of Karmapa Khyenno!  You’re more than welcome to join us in Rumtek, to immerse yourself in the profound energy of sangha blessing, and contribute your wonderful power of aspiration to the puja!  You can also start now, wherever you are, to accumulate the numbers of recitations, and report your final numbers of recitation to gkra.karmapa@gmail.com together with your name.  We’ll  present all participants’ names for the special completion dedication ceremony, may all your obstacles be pacified, may you live long and healthy, may your life is successful and meaningful! 
The final date of reporting your name and the numbers of recitations will be posted at our facebook account as well as on Rimey Mandala of Buddhism blog: http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/rewunewyork-usa, and Gyaltsab Rinpoche Taiwan blog: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/ralangattw .

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Meditation and Attentional Control study

Kim Jenkins from Swansea University is looking for people to take part in a study:

Take part in our study!
We are looking for males and females to take part in a study on meditation and attentional control. We are keen to recruit both individuals who currently practice meditation as well as those who have never meditated.

You will need to be 18 years of age or older, a fluent English speaker, and not currently dieting to lose weight. You will be asked to complete two computer based tasks and a series of questionnaires. The study should take no longer than 1 hour. Please also note that you will be asked to fast (i.e. consume no food) for 3 hours prior to taking part.

The study will either take place at Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP or possibly at the Palpung Changchub Dargyeling, The Chapel, 96 King Street, Brynmawr, Ebbw Vale, NP23 4SY (depending on participant numbers).

If you are interested in taking part, or would like to know more, please contact Kim Jenkins on 07908115403 or online at 290921@swansea.ac.uk

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Tibetan Translator needed

The Buddhist Council of Wales has received the following enquiry from Azar Melville:

"I am looking for someone who may be able to help me with a small amount of translation from Tibetan to English. There will be a small payment and it is quite urgent."

If anyone can help Azar please contact the Chair of the Buddhist Council, Nor'dzin Pamo, via a blog comment or the website contact form.

Thursday 12 May 2011

Stupa blessing – Satipanya

Satipanya is about two miles across the Welsh border, near Welshpool.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Daisaku Ikeda quote

Roy Jones of SGI West Wales sent this quote for posting.  The image is of a statue of Nichiren Daishonin outside Choshu Temple in Kamakura.

The Lotus Sutra has the drama of fighting for justice against evil. It has the warmth that comforts the weary. It has a vibrant, pulsing courage that drives away fear. It has a chorus of joy at attaining absolute freedom throughout past, present and future. It has the soaring flight of liberty. It has brilliant light, flowers, greenery, music, paintings, vivid stories. It offers unsurpassed lessons on psychology, the workings of the human heart; lessons on life; lessons on happiness; and lessons on peace. It maps out the basic rules for good health. It awakens us to the universal truth that a change in one's heart can transform everything.

The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra, vol. 1 page 14 (World Tribune Press - 2000)