Welcome to the Buddhist Council of Wales site. Here you will find details of events, information and news relating to the organisations which are members of the Council and also to other Buddhist organisations – a resource for all Buddhists in Wales.


Buddhist Organisations in Wales

Buddhist Council of Wales Full Members

Aberystwyth Buddhist Group
A non-denominational meditation group meeting weekly in Aberystwth. All welcome.
For further information contact Ian Finlay telephone: 01970 625762
email: genzan1@yahoo.co.uk
website: https://aberbuddhism.wordpress.com/

Aro gTér Lineage
The Aro gTér Lineage is a Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist tradition which emphasises simplicity, clarity, and depth: both of practice and understanding.
Aro Ling Cardiff Buddhist Centre, rear of 35 Merthyr Road, Whitchurch, CF14 1DB
telephone: 07875 716644
email: aro.ling.cardiff@gmail.com
website: http://aro-ling.org/cardiff/
events: http://meetup.com/aro-ling-cardiff

Rissho Kosei-kai
Rissho Kosei-kai 立正佼成会 is a worldwide lay Ekayana Buddhist organisation founded in Japan in 1938 by Nikkyo Niwano and Myoko Naganuma. It combines the wisdom of both the Lotus Sutra and the foundational teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. Its purpose is to bring these transformative teachings to the modern world.
website: www.rk-world.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RKUnitedKingdom/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RKUnitedKingdom email: London@RK-Euro.org

Samatha Trust
There are many kinds of Samatha meditation techniques: this one is based on attention to the breath, a subject which is said to be suitable for all types of people.
website: http://www.samatha.org/samatha-trust

Soka Gakkai International
Soka Gakkai International is a lay Buddhist movement that embraces Nichiren Buddhism, a dynamic philosophy grounded in the realities of daily life.
website: http://www.sgi.org/

Zen Association Wales
Soto Zen Buddhism.
It was initially founded in China as the Caodong lineage of the Chan school of Buddhism and was later imported to Japan in the thirteenth century by Dogen Zenji, after which it was called Soto Zen. In the Soto school Zazen, or sitting meditation, is the core of the practice. Soto Zen see Zazen as the vehicle of Buddha's Awakening. Shikantaza or "just sitting" is the essence of Soto Zen. There is no goal to be attained beyond the practice itself.
Website: https://zenassociationwales.com
Email: zenassociationwales@gmail.com

Buddhist Council of Wales Associate Members

Awakened Heart Sangha
The Awakened Heart Sangha presents Mahamudra and Dzogchen teachings of Tibetan Buddhism in a way suitable for westerners under the direction of Lama Shenpen Hookham.
website: www.hermitageoftheawakenedheart.org

Community of Interbeing
The Community of Interbeing is the network for people in the United Kingdom who practise Buddhism according to the teachings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.
website: http://interbeing.org.uk/

Dharma House Wales
Dharma House Wales is a Tibetan (Kagyu-Nyingma) Buddhist group that study and practice the teachings of the teachers within the Rangjung Yeshe mandala, including Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. We meet twice a month in Bridgend for shamata meditation and also to study the Dharma Stream online program of Phakchok Rinpoche which includes the meditation on Buddha Shakyamuni.
We also arrange occasional practice days and invite teachers to the group.
We are affiliated to Rangjung Yeshe UK and make regular trips to Gomde UK in Yorkshire and also to Kathmandu.
email: dharmahousewales@aol.com

Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
Order of Buddhist Contemplatives is dedicated to the practice of the Serene Reflection Meditation tradition, known as Ts'ao-Tung Ch'an in China and Sōtō Zen in Japan.
website: http://obcon.org/

Palpung Changchub Dargyeling (Karma Kagyu)
A Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist centre situated in Brynmawr.
Currently also holding regular meetings in Swansea.
The Chapel, 96 King Street, Brynmawr, Ebbw Vale, NP23 4B.
telephone: 01495 313395
email: palpungukoffice@gmail.com
website: http://palpung.org.uk/

Thai Theravada Buddhism, Rhymney, Gwent.

Satipanya Retreat Centre
On the Wales/Shropshire border – offers Theravada, the Southern School of Buddhism, vipassana instruction, contemplative living and courses to enhance spiritual life.
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat White Gritt, Minsterley, Shropshire SY5 0JN
telephone: 01588 650752
email: info@satipanya.org.uk
website: http://www.satipanya.org.uk

Triratna Buddhist Order & Community
Triratna Buddhist Community is an international network dedicated to communicating Buddhist truths in ways appropriate to the modern world.
website: http://thebuddhistcentre.com/

Yungdrung Bon Meditation Group
Yungdrung Bon (original, authentic Tibetan) teachings are based on the principle of practising indiscriminate love and compassion towards all. The ultimate goal of Practice is to transform everyday life into the Enlightened State.
Silver Horse (Welsh Lhakhang)
105, Sway Road, Morriston
Swansea, SA6 6AD
Local contact: Sandrine 07743 160662 website: http://www.yungdrungbon.com
email: darrenivey74@gmail.com

Other Buddhist Organisations in Wales

Angulimala Prison Chaplaincy
Angulimala makes facilities available for the teaching and practice of Buddhism in Her Majesty’s Prisons and other places of lawful detention or custody.
Registered Charity No. 294939
The Forest Hermitage, Lower Fulbrook, Warwickshire CV35 8AS
email: angulimala@foresthermitage.org.uk
website: http://angulimala.org.uk

Dharmavajra Buddhist Meditation Group
Especially designed for those with little or no experience of meditation, the classes are self contained and open to all.
Quaker Meeting House, 87 Park Street, Bridgend, CF31 4AZ
Telephone: 01792 458245
website: http://www.meditationinwales.org

Dzogchen Community
A Tibetan tradition with contacts in Cardiff, Swansea and West Wales.
Kunselling Retreat Centre, Hay-on-Wye, HR3 5AE
email: nick.segust@dzogchencommunity.org
website: http://www.dzogchencommunity.org

Karma Kagyu Tradition
Kagyu Samye Dzong, Cardiff, CF83 1JN
telephone: 02920 860 054
email: info@meditateinwales.net
website: http://www.meditateinwales.net

Kagyu Tegchen Choling Denchen Community
Daniel Owen Community Centre, Earl Road, Mold, Flintshire, CH7 1AP
telephone: 01745 540417
email: mold@dechen.org

Lam Rim Buddhist Centre
Part of the Lam Rim group of Gelug Tibetan Buddhist centres
Monmouthshire, NP15 2LE
telephone: 01600 780383
email: margaret@lamrim.org.uk
website: http://www.lamrim.org.uk

Llansteffan Meditation Group
Heartspring, Hill House, Llansteffan, SA33 5JG
telephone: 01267 241382
email: maddie@heartspring.co.uk
website: http://www.heartspring.co.uk

Longchen Foundation
Mahayana and Maha-Ati (Dzogchen)
Bangor, LL57 1UR
telephone: 01758 721236
email: bangor@longchenfoundation.org
Porthmadog, LL49 9UW
telephone: 01766 513131
email: porthmadog@longchenfoundation.org
website: http://www.longchenfoundation.org

Mahamudra Meditation Group
Cathays Community Centre, 36 Cathays Terrace, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4HX
telephone: 01633216277
email: hackwoodk@aol.com
website: http://www.mudra.co.uk

New Kadampa Tradition
New Kadampa Tradition is an international association of Mahayana Buddhist study and meditation centres that follow the Kadampa Buddhist tradition founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.
website: http://kadampa.org/en/
Kalpa Bhadra Buddhist Centre
Llandudno, LL30 1YY
telephone: 01492 878778
email: info@meditatenorthwales.com
website: http://www.meditatenorthwales.com

Rokpa Cardiff
Tibetan Buddhist Tradition
100 Moorland Road, Cardiff, CF24 2LP
telephone: 02920499185
email: info@rokpacardiff.com
website: http://www.rokpacardiff.com

Therevada Tradition
The Thai Forest tradition is the branch of Theravada Buddhism in Thailand that most strictly holds the original monastic rules of discipline laid down by the Buddha.
website: http://www.amaravati.org/

Western Chan Fellowship
An association of lay Chan practitioners, a lay Sangha, which is based in the UK.
Cardiff: Rob Stratton
telephone: 07885 49 44 71, / 029 20 229 665
email: cardiffchan@westernchanfellowship.org
website: http://www.westernchanfellowship.org/chan-meditation-groups/cardiff-chan-group/
Rhyader: John Senior
Pant-y-Dwr (7 miles north of Rhayader, on the Llanidloes road).
telephone: 01597 870 277
email: midwaleschan@westernchanfellowship.org
website: http://www.westernchanfellowship.org/chan-meditation-groups/mid-wales-chan-group/
website: http://www.westernchanfellowship.org/