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Thursday 4 September 2014

Yungdrung Bon Meditation Group, Swansea

Yungdrung Bon is the pre-Buddhist spiritual tradition of Tibet. Yungdrung Bon was taught by Buddha Tonpa Sherab in Wol-mo Loong-Ring (Shambala), he taught the indigenous people some causal Bon (Gyu-yi Bon) aspect of teachings, such as healing arts, prayer flag hoisting and medicinal plant fumigation.

Beginning from 8th century, Tibetans also imported Dharma from India. Since then, Tibet had two major religious traditions; Yungdrung Bon and Dharma. Yungdrung Bon has five sub-schools and Dharma with five sub-schools under their umbrella respectively. Both the traditions emphasise the generating of indiscriminate love and compassion and have similar views on the path. However, there are historical and geographical differences.


The focus of these evenings is on the Dzogchen Ngondro foundation practices which employ a combination of mantra, visualisation and meditation. Whilst these are generally associated with Yungdrung Bon (The Ancient Buddhism of Tibet) and Buddhism, their essence has Universal Application and can be adapted and utilized by anyone – regardless of the faith or belief system one ascribes to.

These sessions are FREE of charge however, if you wish to make donations, these are always most welcome. Offerings such as flowers, incense, candles, food etc. (ALL FRESH) can be brought in and dedicated for the benefit of yourself, your family / friends. This being a positive karmic act and if, at any point, you wish to sponsor / dedicate the prayers from any session for a particular purpose, please advise your local um-zey (prayer leader) / named organizer in order that these may be done.


In Wales, practices are held every Wednesday evening and there is also an all-day practice on every month.

Day: Wednesday
Time: 6:30 pm for 6:45pm start
Venue: Silver Horse Tibetan Buddhist Temple, 105 Sway Road, Morriston. SA6 6JD
Entry: Free. Donations welcome.
The focus of the first part of the evening is on the Dzogchen Ngondro foundation practices.

Each Dzog-chen Ngon-dro practice will commence with Dhe-chen Gyalpo (The King of Great Bliss), Mitak Gyud-kul (The Mortality Prayer), Sem-kyed (The Generation of Enlightened Mind), and Kyab-dro & Chak (The Seeking of Refuge) thereafter the following practices will be included on a rota basis:

Yig-gya (One Hundred Syllables) on the first week
Mandal Bulwa (Mandala Offering) on the second week
Lamei Neljor (Acquiring the Jang-chub Sem (Enlightened Mind) of the Lama on the third week
Nying-po Nam-soom (The Three Heart Essences) on the 4rth week – starting at the beginning of the rota the following week.

Following on from the rota-ed practice, we will either be saying the Dedication Prayer and proceeding to the Ngo-zhi practice or, if there are people in attendance who have not received the loong (transmission) of Dzog-chen Ngon-dro, we will have a short break to allow our guests to partake of refreshments –if they wish – and then to leave.

The second part of the evening focuses on Dzog-chen Ngo-zhi Principal practises and, as mentioned above, is only open to those who have received the loong of the Dzog-chen Ngon-dro. Again, these practices will be done on a rota – a different one each week - in the following order:

1) Ma-gyud (Gong-chöd Nam-soom) – first week
2) Phowa (Yeshe Sang-thel) – second week
3) Tse-drub (Jari ma) – third week
4) Chöd (Khadroi Ghe Gyang) – fourth week
5) Zhi-ney – fifth week
6) Du-tri su Drib-jong – sixth week
7) Trul-khor – seventh week
8) Sa-dhak Lu-nyen Chöd-thab – eighth week
9) Jam-ma Nying-thik – ninth week
10) Sherab Mawei Seng-ghe – tenth week.

At the end of the Ngo-zhi practice, we will conclude in the usual way with Yeshe Walmo and Ngo-wa Mönlam.

Amanda Nyima Lhadron, 01559 372273 or 07815 717848

Jane Pedma Lhamo, 02920 691792 or 07885 319969

Angela, Metok Lhaze, 01639 849541 or 07789 308434

ONE DAY A MONTH PRACTICE - This is held on the second Sunday of each month

VENUE: Silver Horse Tibetan Buddhist Temple, 105 Sway Road, Morriston. SA6 6JD unless alternative arrangements are made. Please contact the organisers to confirm.

TIME: 9.30 to 4.30 p.m. From morning to lunch Dzogchen Ngondro will be practised and is open to all. After lunch Jinpa Namzhi will be practised and this will be for practitioners who have received the loong (transmission) of the foundation practice of Dzog-chen Ngondro.

CONTACTS: as above.


The Dzogchen Ngondro practice day starts at 9.30am, ending about 5pm. Bring your own lunch, folders and equipment. This day is open to all including public.

This Group Practice day is free and donations are collected to cover the cost of the days venue.

Contacts: as above