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Sunday 30 November 2014

Lam Rim Buddhist Centre in Raglan, Wales


Lam Rim Buddhist Centre

The Lam Rim Buddhist Centre is a Charitable Trust founded in 1978. Its aim is to maintain an educational programme of Buddhist teachings based on the finest principles of meditation, human growth and personal development. The Spiritual Director is the Ven. Geshe Damcho Yonten, formerly Abbot of Samtenling in Norba, Ladakh, and graduate of Drepung Monastic University, Lhasa.The Centre is situated in beautiful countryside in South Wales. Pentwyn Manor is a well built, nicely appointed, Mock Tudor style house which stands in 81/2 acres of field garden and coppice, amid rolling farmland close to The Black Mountains. This delightful setting provides a peaceful atmosphere which is highly conducive to meditative reflection.

Accommodation is available for groups or individuals, either in shared bedrooms or in a limited number of single rooms. Everyone is welcome whether their interest is to attend a course, to make meditation retreat, or just to visit the Centre for a quiet weekend or to find out more about what's going on. Delicious vegetarian food is provided which is as much appreciated as one of the highlights of a weekend at Lam Rim. Many of the vegetables are grown in the Centre's own garden. In order to preserve an environment which is calm and conducive to a contemplative life, visitors as well as residents are requested to observe the five Buddhist precepts undertaken by all lay Buddhists; avoidance of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying and the taking of intoxicants.

Prayer Path at Lam Rim Buddhist Centre Wales
Long term individual retreats and/or study facilities are now available in The Coach House. This is set apart from the main Centre, and has recently been converted into 4 self-contained apartments by Andrew Yeats of ECOARC.

The programme of weekend courses presented by the Centre is both interesting and varied, extending beyond a purely Buddhist theme to include courses in Yoga, Tai Chi and Alternative Therapies. Meditative training of several types is also available according to a carefully constructed programme. In addition to this regular programme, from time to time Lam Rim and its residents and friends are blessed by the presence of visiting High Lamas who have come to Europe from India in order to give teachings and initiations into the practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

We are a community of individuals who are committed to the aims of the centre. Many of us have been involved in the centre's activities since it started in 1978.

Saturday 29 November 2014

Sounds of Silence - Soundcloud for Aro Ling Buddhist Centre in Cardiff

Aro Ling Buddhist Centre offers supportive material to help people with their practice. They have created a stream on Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/aro-ling-cardiff.

There are three files on their Soundcloud at the moment to aid meditation practice: 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes of silence with a bell at the end to signal the end of the meditation session. It can be distracting to be clock-watching while we are meditating, but sometimes we have limited time, so now you can run one of these files for your chosen length of practice and relax, knowing that a bell will sound at the end of the session.  Aro Ling Cardiff says that you can let them know if you would like longer sessions and they will be happy to make the files for you.

It is possible to follow Aro Ling Cardiff at Soundcloud, and there is an app for mobiles that can be downloaded, so that you can always have your timed silence with you for a meditation session.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Westerm Chan Fellowship - Cardiff & Mid-Wales

The Western Chan Fellowship was formed in 1997 and registered as a charity in 1998. It was based on a network of local groups which formed following the first teaching visit to the UK in 1989 of the Venerable Chan Master Dr Sheng Yen. Master Sheng Yen was the Abbot of two monasteries in Taiwan and head of the Institutes of Chung Hwa Buddhist Culture in Taiwan and New York. 

Cardiff Chan Group

Cardiff Chan Group's aim is to offer a mutually supportive environment for individuals who wish to develop their own practice. There is no requirement to be Buddhist.

Cardiff's group leader is Eddy Street, a Retreat Leader within the Western Chan Fellowship, who has over 30 years experience behind him.

Rob Stratton is the primary contact for any enquiries about activities. Rob is an approved Meditation Instructor with the Western Chan Fellowship.

Practice days and Weekend Retreats

The practice days are designed to help practitioners - Buddhist or otherwise - develop their own meditation practice.

A 'drop in' Practice Day format of gentle sitting has been developed, which both more experienced practitioners and beginners seem to find equally helpful. The day is organised so that individuals may come and go depending on their own needs and interests. Some stay all day, others for part of the day.

Meditation instruction for beginners is available before the start of the day and is best arranged beforehand.

Instruction and talks are given either by Eddy Street or Rob Stratton.

Current activities in Cardiff are postponed until further notice and further updates or news will be added to the website and sent via the mailing list.

Rob Stratton by tel: 029 20 229 665 or e-mail or subscribe to the mailing list

Mid-Wales Chan Group

The Mid-Wales Chan (Chinese Zen) meditation group meets monthly on a Saturday, at Pant-y-Dwr (7 miles north of Rhayader, on the Llanidloes road).

Meetings start at 10 a.m. and consist of two 40 minute sits separated by 10 minutes kinhin walking meditation, followed by discussion, tea and biscuits, finishing around 12.30 p.m.

John Senior by tel: 01597 870 277 or e-mail