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Wednesday 20 March 2013

101 Top Sites on Religion and Sacred Texts

Masters In Divinity.org, a web guide for people who are interested in the religious studies and pursuing work in related fields, have published an article that features 101 Top Sites on Religion and Sacred Texts: http://www.mastersindivinity.org/sacred-texts.html  The sites on this list offer insight into the sacred texts, cultures and beliefs of the world's largest religions.

While much of the site focuses on Christianity and the Bible, there is information on the other holy books and writings of religious leaders from around the world

Sunday 10 March 2013

The Sun Beaten Path

The film The Sun Beaten Path is touring Wales in the Wales One World Film Festival 15th March - 3rd April 2013 and will be shown in Aberystwyth, Cardigan, Swansea and Cardiff.

Film synopsis:

The Sun Beaten Path (PG)

Director: Sonthar Gyal
Starring: Yeshe Lhadruk, Lo Kyu
Tibet, 2011, 1 hour 29 minutes, subtitles
With vast, desolate landscapes and often dream-like sequences, this cinematic gem is a really authentic portrait of contemporary Tibet. Walking home to a remote part of Tibet through barren mountains and dusty wind-swept plains, the troubled Nyma is joined by an old man whose gently persistent good sense allows Nyma to gradually unburden himself. A simple tale, elliptically told that really shows how Tibet is now with smart Chinese buses speeding past Tibetan couples prostrating themselves on the hard shoulder all the way to Lhasa.