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Monday 7 May 2012

Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project.

The Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project are offering a free talk to Buddhist groups in the UK on the subject of 'Hongik Ingan', the founding philosophy of Korea. This philosphy has found expression through numerous works of Buddhist art, such as the Tripitaka Koreana woodblock library and Sarira reliquary. It is also visible through the advances in society made in the past 50 years in South Korea, an inspiring story achieved through people working together for the common good, and one that remains largely uncovered by the world press.

The philosophy of Hongik Ingan or "living for the benefit of all" is a message of universal value, and of particular interest to those with a faith in the ability of human beings to interact for the good of the world. Aside from the core message of the talk, the items of Buddhist heritage discuss provide a deep insight into the distinctiveness of Korean Buddhist art.

The talk is accompanied by short videos and free books, including a biography of the great Buddhist Master Wonhyo, are also made available.  There are no fees or expenses for the talk on weekends. During the week a contribution to travel expenses is appreciated, and evenings are preferred.

For further information contact Matthew Jackson at matthew.jackson@kscpp.net

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