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Friday 19 May 2017

Invitation to Sanghapadipa Temple, Tredegar, September 9th

Invitation to the Sanghapadipa Temple in Tredegar

9th September

Within South Wales there exists a Buddhist Community that has a long and entwined relationship with the Monastic Sangha of the current Theravada Elders. This community has children, parents and grandparents that practice the Buddhist doctrine of harmonious living in a way that is inter-generational and in line with the doctrine.  At the present time many people convene at the Sanghapadipa Temple, Rhymney, Gwent Valleys.  Such support for the mind and heart is easily observed, when immersed in this way.

Within the yearly structure of the temple, a plethora of courses, teaching, mindfulness days are not offered. Yes that's correct, not offered. There is very little focus on Doctrine and Discipline as an educational attainment and nobody is regarded as beginner or intermediate meditator. There are no labels, just an opportunity to slip into the flow of the monastic communities contemplative living, the giving of food, private or led meditation, chanting the Pali suttas or just relaxing in the landscape of our Welsh countryside. The atmosphere is friendly and one of cordiality.

The community is peer led, those people interested in aspects of the Dhamma, make their own effort to travel, learn and explore. Various people within the community organise day visits to Cittaveka, Amaravatti or Buddhapadipa Temple. These days are communal gatherings and formality is dropped. 

Ajahn Sawat and the monks are originally from Thailand, and the Thais have Buddhism embedded in their culture, religious heritage and psyche of the land of 'friendly smiles'. There is a unique opportunity to experience the Buddha's way from a culture that is embedded within his formidable teaching.

We are organising a meeting day on Saturday September 9th for people who would like to visit the temple and for people in the Bridgend area, who would like to support their own practice. If this resonates with what you are looking for, please do get in touch. As with all of our activities, everything we do is freely given. 


Neville Evans (Lay member) evansneville@aol.com 

The Sanghapadipa Temple

1 Susannah Cottage, Rhymney, Tredegar,
Cardiff, South Wales, NP22 5QN
Phone: +44 1685843986
Email: info@sanghapadipa.org.uk


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